Why Shipping Your Car Makes Sense

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Auto shipping is a funny industry. Most people think, why pay someone money to move my car when I can just drive it on my own? It’s a fair assessment, but there’s more to it than that. There are a number of reasons why someone may need to ship their car. Maybe they don’t want to put the wear and tear of a long drive on their car. Perhaps they’re leasing a car and can only drive a set number of miles before they’re charged more. There are a number of reasons for shipping your car.

Here are some of the most popular reasons, and something to consider if you find yourself in this position. We never truly know where life is going to take us, but we can always do our best to prepare. If you find yourself in one of these positions, it might be a good time to prepare to find a quality auto shipping company, like Omaha Car Transport. Omaha Car Transport is a reliable and trustworthy auto shipper that can ship all across the United States.

Moving Across the Country

Moving is never easy. What makes it even more difficult is moving across the country. If you have to make that solo trip, it could be almost impossible. Some try to tow their cars behind moving trucks, but that comes with a series of issues all on its own. Moving trucks don’t get good fuel economy. Towing a vehicle makes those miles per gallon even worse. And when you need to stop to eat or find a hotel, finding parking for a moving van with a car in tow is almost impossible.

But others have moving companies that take care of the moving truck and think that driving their own car is much cheaper than getting it shipped. Depending on how far you’re moving, this may be true. But if you’re moving across the country, you’ll have to budget for gas, parking, hotel stays, food and drinks. Then there are the untangibles. Things like wear and tear on your vehicle, as well as how much this trip will depreciate it.


Most people can’t wait to retire so they can travel more and spend more time in new destinations. Many retirees enjoy chasing the sun and moving from their cold weather homes in the winter to warmer places in the summer. These snowbirds are packing more than your average vacationer. For many, this means their cars too.

For a retiree, shipping a car just makes sense. For the most part, retirees are on fixed incomes, which means they’re not buying new cars any time soon. To help preserve the older car so it can last as long as possible, shipping your car is always the best option.

Job Changes

Sometimes, changing jobs means changing cities. Or for some, their work may have them move to a different branch. This branch could be in a new state or a new city, and you’re going to have to move. Driving could be a possibility if it’s close, but you have to be back at the office on Monday and don’t have time.

This is where auto shipping comes in. Another added benefit is that for many people who change jobs, they may be between paychecks until they’re set up on the new payroll. This means they could be without a paycheck for a week or two. It is much easier to budget a one-time set price instead of trying to budget the costs of moving. Having a clear budget is crucial to saving money in the long run.

Online Car Buying

With chip shortages and a lack of supply of new and used cars, people are taking to the internet to buy their cars. Some of these people discover their dream car, which happens to be in another state. Flying out to pick up the car and driving it back might be more expensive than shipping your car. And who has that kind of time?

Tax bridges are another issue that some out-of-state car buyers face. If you buy a car out of state, what state’s sales tax do you pay? For many states, if you ship your car instead of driving it back, you can take advantage of the in-state tax in states that don’t have a sales tax, which means huge savings.

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