Why Is Shipping My Oversized Vehicle So Hard?

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Why is it so hard to ship my overweight vehicle?
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Shipping a vehicle isn’t always a smooth process. This will be especially true if you need to ship an oversized vehicle. The extra size causes a logistical nightmare for carriers and can even slow down the process. There are several contributing factors that make shipping an oversized vehicle harder, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little knowledge, you can assure a smooth shipment of your vehicle of any size.

How Do I Know My Vehicle is Oversized?

An oversized vehicle can be any number of vehicles. This can include limousines, buses, large vans, trucks with oversized tires, and obviously, tractors and large equipment. You can read the official requirements HERE. Basically, anything bigger than a car is going to be an oversized vehicle. A quick rule of thumb is that any vehicle over 15 feet 1 inches long and taller than 5 feet 10 inches high are categorized as an oversized vehicle. If your vehicle fits this description, you’re going to have some added issues when you need to ship your vehicle.

Why Is It So hard?

The typical vehicle transport is a double-decker trailer that runs on hydraulics. These hydraulics have a weight limit, and if your vehicle exceeds this limit, it will ship on a flat bed. Weight isn’t the only contributing factor. Height is also a problem with these double decker trailers. To paraphrase the US Postal Service, if it can’t fit, it can’t ship.

Another issue arises when shipping companies aren’t accustomed to shipping oversized vehicles. Their usual drivers and trailers won’t support the larger vehicle, and they’re going to have to find another option. This can take more time and will always cost more money.

Why Does It Cost So Much?

If your vehicle needs its own flatbed truck, then you’re going to have to pay the difference in gas. In particular, large vehicles not only need to offset the surplus in gas, they may also need additional permits. Flatbed trucks already have additional regulations they need to abide by. For some even larger vehicles, they are going to need to file even more permits and may even require an escort. All of this adds up, and the costs are always passed on to the customer.

It’s Not All Bad

If you take the right steps, shipping your oversized vehicle doesn’t have to be a chore. The most important thing to do is to plan ahead. By planning ahead, you may get a step up on the additional time it may take for your shipment. Give your transport company the extra time they may need so you’re not racing against the clock.

Another thing you can do is budget accordingly. Get a quote and make sure it works for you. You know it’s going to be more expensive to ship your oversized vehicle. If you go into your search knowing this, you can still find a great deal to ship your oversized vehicle.

If you need to ship your oversized vehicle, contact a shipper who is familiar with oversized vehicles, like Omaha Car Transport! Shippers like Omaha Car Transport work with oversized vehicles all the time and know exactly what to do. You’ll save time and money by finding a transport company with experience.

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