Wendy’s Closing Takeout Dining! Harder for Truckers, Drive-Thru and Thru

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Do you remember how convenient drive-thrus were? Whether it was an In-N-Out, Del Taco or Panda Express, there would just be such an amount of joy to grab your food and go. So now with the pandemic kinda swamping us out of nowhere, drive-thrus have never been more convenient. Except for truck drivers. Truck drivers, of course, are notorious for being too big to fit under drive-thru verandas. So of course, dining in, or nowadays, take-out has just been the better option. But now, even Corona Virus is extinguishing that! Starting with Wendy’s.

As it stands right now, it looks like the fast-food joint made famous by Dave Thomas and his signature-square patties is considering to be drive-thru only. But what they don’t realize is that this is not ideal for a key demographic of their customers. Truckers are spending all their time on the road, going from one coast to the other in order to pick up or deliver for the betterment of man. And now this? Absurd. Unbelievable. Ostentatious. The nerve of some restaurants following in Wendy’s footsteps. (I’m looking at you, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and Taco Bell.)

It’s a legitimate problem! So much so, that when police officers caught wind of this sub-pandemic issue, they offered via social media, to get food for the truckers passing through their cities. It just sucks that some semis won’t fit into the clearance area for eating Whoppers and Big Macs. And sure, there are some restaurants throughout the country that have semi-truck friendly serving stations, tall enough to fit the capacity of the truck itself. But sometimes that type of service needs to be amplified for all truckers. Wendy’s is on thin ice with this business choice. You would think they would know how to be better at this type of decision making.

Trucker Beetle Bailey | April 27th, 2020

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