Watch Out for Semi-Trucks on Winter Roads

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It’s that time of year again! Winter. Which brings all of its glory… snowy, icy, and slushy roads for drivers in Nebraska and the surrounding area. And, as a result? More accidents can occur.

In fact, a lot of drivers are unaware of how to properly drive in the rough conditions, especially around semi-trucks. The drivers of these semi-trucks usually face a wide range of weather conditions. And the most experienced drivers have seen it all when it comes to weather, and other drivers on the roads… especially winter roads.

But, auto drivers should be aware of semi-trucks on the road in the winter – and try to accommodate accordingly. While it can be more nerve-wracking to drive alongside semi-trucks in winter conditions, it is important to remember some helpful tips.

Safety Tips

For example, increasing your following distance, so you have time to stop if necessary. It is also important to be careful when passing. As one truck driver from Utah, Sabrina Bradley, recently commented, courtesy is the most important thing, especially on highways. Many drivers get anxious and eager to pass semi-trucks. She discussed a situation that occurred when several drivers were trying to pass by her, but they were passing on the unplowed shoulder.

She also pointed out how, if someone is pulled over on the shoulder, it is hard for other drivers to know, especially when it is still snowing. As Bradley stated: “If snow’s falling and you’re pulled over like that, we can’t see you. We don’t know to move over and get out of your way.”

Essentially, she feels that truckers have a high responsibility on snowy roads. She also said: “We’re responsible for driving for everyone out here. We have to drive for everyone else on the road because they don’t know how to react to us.”

So, watch out for the semi-trucks out there for the remainder of the winter… and stay safe!

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