Volkswagen GTI 2022 / 2022 Golf R: The Launch is on the Way

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Volkswagen dealers later this year will receive the new GTI and Golf R. Enthusiasts everywhere will happily welcome this development. Below are the changes, updates, and high-tech engineering that power and make these hatches run.

Volkswagen 2022 GTI

For 46 years, Volkswagen has been building the GTI. It has over 2.3 million units that are selling. Plus a trophy rack of expert recognition from around the world. Moreover, the 2022 GTI has a lot of positive momentum behind it.

It has one of the biggest sports car communities around it. In the beginning, the vehicle was expecting to sell about 5,000 units supposedly.

The pricing starts at about $31,495 for the GTI 2022. It comes with the most current EA888 turbo 2-litre engine. Moreover, the engine produces 241 standard horsepower and is backing by a 273 lb.-ft of torque. Also, the transmission choices do include a six-speed manual. Or a 7-speed DSG with paddle-shift as an automatic option.

VW 2022 Golf R

The Golf R comes in at $44,995. The panoramic sunroof is the only option. In fact, the Golf R version of the 2-liter turbo engine has been beefing up to 315 horsepower, or 27 which is more its last-generation car. The torque output is 295 lb.-ft. It also comes with the Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) transmission, or 280 with the six-speed manual. 

The Golf R’s added power needs an additional grip that includes the latest 4Motion AWD system. Also, in the rear, is a new torque-vectoring differential that serves as the strong foundation of the Golf R’s high-tech handling.

Strengthened chassis control systems

There is enhanced communication and control between chassis electronics and hardware result in a more detailing translation of the driver’s inputs to the road. 

Also, the electronically-controlled differential does works closely with optional adaptive dampers. This is for vehicle handling. In fact, it is more precisely aligned with particular driving conditions.

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