VinFast Starts to Plan Two Electric SUVs With Aesthetic By Pininfarina

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VinFast is making its mark on the North American auto industry. As they should! After all, the Vietnamese automaker VinFast has been totally chasing after launching two electric SUVs. The company has had plans to include production models of the compact VF e35 and the mid-size VF e36. In both cases, they have Pininfarina on board as the outer aesthetic designer. They boast driving ranges that can go as far and wide as 422 miles per charge. The Global CEO, Michael Lohscheller, has made it known that their plan is to ship the two EV models from Vietnam to the USA and Canada.

With that, there lies a VinFast plan in order to localize production in North America during the second half of 2024.

There are also tentative European plans which may involve battery-electric models throughout Germany, the Netherlands, and France. Lohscheller had this to say: “Obviously everybody has ambitious volume including ourself, but for me most important is that we position the brand right. Get our first customers very excited, very happy about that. That matters more than any sales volume.” VinFast had its start in 2017. From a new report on Reuters, about 30,000 vehicles in the home market were prominent in 2020. The initial report showed that the company was not turning a profit just yet and would suggest a public offering in order to provide funds in order to help the brand lift above the ground. VinFast is essentially a part of the bigger Vingroup empire. Which, in turn, has been spearheaded by billionaire entrepreneur Pham Nhat Vuong.

As seen before at a 2021 auto show, the VFe35 and VFe36 were both showing entirely production-intent concepts. Of course, they may require more polish before they reach production. This is all with the help of Pininfarina, constituting style and comfort equally throughout the vehicle’s design language.

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