Tuatara Supercar Breaks Land-Speed Record! (And the driver’s psyche.)

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Oliver Webb, race car driver and current trauma victim, was shaking in front of the Tuatara supercar. With the help of SSC CEO Jerod Shelby, Webb had just broken the land speed record with an entry of 316.11 mph. Not that that was the upsetting part. The upsetting part was nearly being knocked over by a gust of wind coming in at 331 mph. The car only shifted a lane but it still was too rough for Webb. The driver was so emotional, he muttered to Shelby “I’m done. I can do no more.” True, Webb may have bested Koenigsegg and Bugatti alike but at what cost if the whole event has seemingly shellshocked the driver?

SSC Tuatara had been driven on a seven-mile spread of asphalt on State Route 160. This happened on Saturday, almost a year after it was originally meant to take place. And no, it wasn’t because of corona virus. Not only because the pandemic hadn’t impacted the states yet, but really because the Department of Transportation were shutting down SR 160. For anticipation of paving new areas of the highway.

Skip to today, Webb, a 29-year old Brit, was about to take on the challenge of beating the land speed record with the Tuatara. He did so in three passes. The first pass, he made it to 287 mph. The second pass, he hit 301 mph. Thirdly, that pass would be his most treacherous as a gust of wind nearly knocked him over.

Even with the maintenance checks and the temp checks and the satellite tracking, no one on the team could’ve predicted. Still, there it was. The proof in the pudding. The devil in the details.

The Tuatara supercar had broken the land-speed record at 316 miles.

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