How Trucking Fights COVID-19

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The trucking industry has seen its fair share of hits over the past couple of years. The current trucking crisis on top of current events has been a hard hit for many. Still, the trucking industry acts as a lifeline for shipped goods to make it to shelves across the country. Without trucks transporting across the country, many citizens will not be able to obtain the necessary goods for their homes in this time of self-isolation.

Trucking Provides Necessity

As healthcare workers, police, fire departments, and many other public service members do their part to ensure the betterment of everyone, so do truckers.

While many can end the day with their families, truckers are often away for long periods of time. The cause for concern is thus both an added concern for many truckers and a staple in why they are important.

Filling shelves in order to provide the public with masks, hand sanitizer, other cleaning materials and, of course, food is important for the day to day lives of many under self-isolation.

No matter if you are in a crowded city or a rural town, the impact of the Coronavirus has hit all forms of life. Many small companies are relying on truckers to deliver the essentials for them to stay open. No matter how things are handled, the world still requires skilled truck drivers to navigate the roads and deliver supplies to families.

To The Folks In The Industry: Thank You

Truck drivers do not receive the same admiration as many others in this time of emergency. This is the big shout out to you guys. We understand that you might have families back home that depend on your safe arrival. We also understand that, due to the current concerns, it may present even more challenges. Your skills and ability are deeply appreciated across the country. Our staff here asks that all truck drivers and their families be safe and secure while on the road and at home.

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