Tips for Having Your Car on Campus

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Parking structures tend to be the best parking options on a college campus!
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As students prepare to go back to school, some prepare to make major moves. For students that are at the college level and are going away to start their first year or just going back to continue their college journey, there are some big decisions to be made when it comes to packing and what you do/do not take with you in the move. A big question typically is, should I bring my car with me and have it on campus? It can be hard to know what the right decision is. Ultimately, the decision is one that should be made based on your wants and needs. If you do choose to bring your car on campus, we recommend you follow this guide. Here, we offer some advice from us to you to make the college car experience the best that it can be!

Review Your Car Insurance

It is essential that you know your car insurance policy information. You will want to be aware of the rates you pay and potentially even change policies. For example, if you go to an out-of-state school it may be cheaper to switch to an in-state plan. Additionally, you also just want to be aware of what coverage you have, especially if this is the first time you live on your own.

Know Where You Can Park

Every school’s parking is different. Some have dedicated student lots, open to all students, some have lot assignments for students, and some just have a free for all, any lot is open to everyone. You will want to make sure you are aware of your school’s parking plan before you actually get there, to avoid parking in the wrong place and risking being ticketed.

Get a School Parking Permit

Most schools require students to have a parking permit if they park their cars overnight in a school parking lot. If your school is one like this, you will want to get your permit as soon as possible. This will also just be another way of cutting the risk of being ticketed.

Have an Answer For People Who Ask to Borrow It

If there is one thing college students love to have, it is other friends with their cars. To many, this means they have guaranteed rides everywhere and can get around with no problem. Some will even go so far as to ask to borrow your car. If you end up being the friend with the car, you will definitely want to prepare yourself to be asked if someone can borrow your car. We suggest having an answer ready since the question will probably come often.

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