The Lamborghini Miura SV Becomes Fifty Years Old

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Back in 1971, Lamborghini had been on the cusp of making automobiles were revolutionary. It’s a supercar that started it all. The vehicle itself, the Miura SV stood for for Super Veloce. There has been much good feedback to hear about from Lamborghini, who said “highest expression of the supercar concept of its time and the best of all the Miura versions produced.” The Lamborghini creators were also Miura and Miura S creators. The names of these two geniuses were Paolo Stanzani and Giampaolo Dallara. Lamborghini with their SV had more power to deliver with the 385 capacity of their horsepower at about 7850 rpm.

There was a separate lubrication system that was introduced between the gearbox and engine. The Miura SV had a top speed over 180 miles per hour. From a standing start, the vehicle would be able to approach a kilometer in less than 24 seconds. That was a record performance for the time. Only after 1973 was the Lamborghini model taken away from production. Two years later, a variation of the Miura SV was revived for the purposes of a final car being built for Formula 1 team, Walter Wolf. You can find that model in the Mudetec Museum for Lamborghini vehicles in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

Lamborghini is truly the creator of the supercar legacy. If it weren’t for them, then there would be no real joy in having speedy supercars. They had revolutionized the very landscape of speed. They brought integrity to the whole industry. Especially when they had incorporated leather and chrome in such a substantial manner. Sad to say, but there had only been one-hundred fifty Lamborghini SVs built to completion at the time.

You almost have to wonder if the point of Lamborghini getting big was to only help other people get bigger. Is that really the point to all this? How can we be better human beings in that aspect. It gives me pause for thought some days.

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