Shooting New Years Eve Leaves 2 Dead, 1 Injured

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A shooting followed a domestic dispute late Tuesday night. Omaha police responding to calls of a disturbance shot the suspect when he emerged from the apartment.

Three officers arrived at 10:10 pm on the fifth floor of Evans Tower, an Omaha Housing Authority property at 3600 N. 24th St, reports Omaha World-Herald. 911 received calls regarding a domestic dispute there involving an armed man. When they arrived, the officers heard cries of “No, Terry,” from behind the door.

The woman’s pleas and screams prompted the officers to kick in the door. Then they heard gunfire and moved away from the door.

When the suspect emerged into the hallway shouting, “Kill me,” two of the three police officers fired on him, killing him. The suspect has been identified as Terry Hudson, 57.

Inside the apartment, police discovered the first shooting victim’s body, Dana Wells, 58.

In addition to the two deaths, police report one of their own injured from a bullet to the leg. That officer has been treated and released from Nebraska Medical Center. While authorities haven’t spoken on the origin of the bullet, they didn’t report any return fire from the suspect as he entered the hallway.

Shooting Began as Verbal and Physical Row

In the ensuing investigation, witnesses reported to police Hudson having been physical with Wells. The reported seeing him place Wells in a chokehold in the hallway. Another reportedly saw Hudson retrieve the weapon from beneath a piece of furniture in the apartment.

That witness tried calming Hudson, until Hudson turned the gun on them.

Witness statements, as well as police body camera footage, corroborate the police hearing Hudson shout, “Kill me,” before they fired upon him. Police also found a small gun likely used to kill Wells.

This is the only officer-involved shooting for the Omaha Police Department in the year of 2019.

Authorities intend to make public more information once they complete an autopsy, ballistics tests, and officer interviews.

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