Shipping Your Car the Right Way

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Washing your car helps to identify imperfections in your vehicle.
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Auto transportation involves many different processes and steps that determine how your shipping will ultimately go. Once you hand the keys over to us, we handle the rest; however, before you do so, there are some things you can do to make your shipping journey go smoothly! Follow along on our guide of the best ways to simplify your auto shipment!

Inspect Your Car in Its Entirety

While we can ship your car in any condition, from brand new to non-operable, there are some things to consider. If your car is in working condition but you ship it with some issues, these issues may be expedited in shipment. We suggest making sure any major issue is resolved at the very least unless your car is fully inoperable. This means you should inspect your vehicle’s oil and coolant levels, tire pressure and tire condition, and the health of your battery.

Get Car to Fuel Level Sweet Spot

When it comes to shipping your car, there is a sweet spot range that is ideal for the shipping period. You want your gas tank to be no less than 1/8 tank full but no more than 1/4 full. This range limits the risk of a spill and does not weigh down your vehicle too much either. However, it also provides enough of a cushion so that there is gas in your tank in case of an emergency.

Wash Your Car and Inspect the Exterior

Washing your car is an important precursor to thoroughly checking your car out. It allows your car to be easily seen, showing all imperfections clearly. This aids in your inspection well. When you look over your vehicle, you want to look for any damage that exists on your vehicle. This would be dents, scratches, scuffs, etc. Make note of these spots and keep track so that after you get your car after shipment, you can distinguish if any damage occurred during the shipping process.

Clean Out the Inside

Cleaning out the inside of any loose items is beneficial for the reason you would expect; it cuts out the issue of things getting too scattered in your car. It also cuts the risk of said loose items damaging your car because it hit the side walls aggressively while in transit.

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