Senior Citizens in a Midwest State are Scammed out of Thousands

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Senior citizens are getting hit with a familiar scam in a Midwest state. It is costing them as victims thousands of dollars. In fact, the scam caller did claim to be her granddaughter that had a serious accident. She is also in legal trouble and purportedly under the weather.

Senior Citizens and Scam Artists

“Wow, you don’t really sound like yourself today? That is because I have laryngitis,” said Grandma. Therefore, Grandpa was tricking out to find out her name. “Then, she was crying and then talking to me and she says you know who this is? And I said yes this is [bleep],” said Grandpa. Sadly, the scammers are able to convince the couple their granddaughter did need bail money. It’s going to run $18,800,” said Grandpa.

Senior Citizens and Secrecy by Scammers

In fact, they are warning not to tell anyone when withdrawing the money, said the alleging lawyer that had a Canadian phone number.

There have been many grandparents’ victims. This one does have a bit of a twist. Moreover, the scammers did send a courier to pick up the money. However, the neighbor did catch the vehicle on a security camera.

A video does show a white pickup that was driving by a man who just picked up the money from the victims of the grandparent scam.

Grandpa Falls Prey to Scammers

“So, in fact, I did hand over the envelope with the money in it. Then, he was going across the street over there. I did think ‘oh my God I did it,” said Grandpa.

Good News Via Video Camera

Beck Hull’s security camera had a video that captured what happened and could help get the money back.

Moreover, this is a lead we have never had before. Thus, hopefully, with the public watching, we can get somebody in that vehicle. We pray someone does get arresting this time, said Chief Jake Brainard.

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