Senators are Seeking a Special Session to Ban Vaccine Mandates

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Senators that are state lawmakers in a Midwest state which include John Lowe, Tom Briese, and Dave Murman are among the 26 who have signed a letter to support a special session so the Midwest state Legislature can debate banning COVID vaccine mandates.

Senators are Sticking up for People’s Rights

In fact, on Tuesday, Senators Ben Hanson and Robert Clements have delivered a co-signed letter from 26 Nebraska senators to the Secretary of State’s office to request a special session. They have said there is a developing concern. That employers are going require their employees to choose between their jobs or being vaccinating. This is without regard to their good faith personal objections.

There are many reasons for not wanting to take the COVID-19 vaccines as far as the public. These do include natural immunity, medical conditions, and rights of religious or personal conscience. This is what Clements and Hansen said.

Lowe’s District 37 in a local city in Nebraska; Briese’s District is a local county; and, also District 38 encompasses a smart part of the local county.

There is a weekly legislative column, Murman has announced, which he opposes vaccine mandates. Also, his column does appear on Viewpoints, page 4A.

Senator Murman is not Anti-VAXer

Murman said: “I am not an anti-VAXer. In fact, myself and my family have taken many vaccines. I think am opposing to vaccine mandates. This is especially a concern of the COVID-19 virus. Yet, despite what has been in the news lately, these specific vaccines which have not been approving by the FDA.”

Clements said, “So, like many Nebraskans, I do have a family member facing termination of employment. This is because of the vaccine mandate. Yet, this puts a house mortgage at risk. It could leave a family of six homeless. Therefore, employees should not, in fact, be forced to choose between their livelihood. Also receiving a COVID-19 vaccine where there are with no exceptions.”

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