Reported Stabber at Ohio State University, 10 Hospitalized

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A tragic Monday follows Thanksgiving break for Ohio State University. Monday morning around 10 am an active stabber was reported in Watts Hall. The building is the center for the science and engineering programs. The Columbus based university is one of the biggest in the nation with about 60,000 students enrolled.

There are now reports that the suspect used a car in the beginning of the attack, running over pedestrians. Later, the assailant used a butcher knife for his attacks, cutting pedestrians. Also, the gunshots heard may have been from police guns when trying to stop the attacker. A student reported that the attacker looked crazed and made no sound, even after being shot 3 times. The assailant was determined and did not want to go down easy, which is why it took three shots to stop him.  Police were seen surrounding and going into the parking garage on Lane Ave, where they believed the suspect was located.

The stabber is now reported as dead. Nine people have been hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries, whereas, one is in critical condition totaling out to 10 victims.

Students were barricading themselves inside classroom by stacking chairs in front of the doors. Many alerts went out warning the students to run, hide, or fight. Many students tweeted letting friends and families know that they are safe. Also, the university sent out many tweets alerting its followers about the situation and giving them updates. The university also sent out text message alerts prompting student to stay safe and away from campus.

The situation is now under control and has been cleared. Classes at Ohio State University have been cancelled for the rest of the day. Also, schools around Ohio State University have declared a lock down. Students from Upper Arlington or Grandview schools will not be able to leave campus without a parent or guardian.

The stabber has been identified as 18 year old Razak Ali Artan. His motive is still being investigated,

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