Police Recruit Class of 58 People in Omaha is The Biggest Ever

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Omaha, Nebraska – Training for 23 weeks will be conducted for fifty –eight people who want to become police officers.

The largest Omaha police recruit class is going to start this week. The last recruit class had 22 graduates, of May.

Twenty-two graduates officially became police officers on Friday, as Omaha Police chief says.

The training was conducted by 27 enforcement veterans.

While veteran class graduated within 11 weeks, the basic class went all the way till the end of the training.

The training offers 23 weeks of classroom introduction to police work, followed by field work later.

During the training, the recruits get to know how to write reports, do a criminal investigation and obtain skills to operate emergency vehicles.

According to Omaha Police announcement the department is hiring for another recruit class.  Nebraska-certified officers are going to make up the class.

It’s worth mentioning that the largest basic recruit of 57 people was conducted in September 2016.

According to Greg Gonzalez, Omaha Police Deputy Chef, and the current class is pretty diverse. It features special skill sets.

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