People Escape Elevators to Avoid Dangerous Flooding From Freak Storm

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People who are rescue drivers that abandoned their vehicles and did help seven people who were trapped in two elevators inside the basement of an apartment building. A strong storm system in the Midwest state in a local city on Saturday prompted this effort. This is terrible. How frightening and terrifying this must have been for everyone involved and the rescue drivers risking their lives and safety trying to help the poor victims out from the freak storm.

People in the Apartments

The basement of the Old Market Loft apartments had quickly filled up with water from the flash flooding in the area. It was inside an elevator based on video footage.

Victim of Apartment Flooding

Tony Luu said he was inside one of the elevators at the time of the flooding. Luu said he was with two friends at the time. Moreover, he said he went to the building’s basement to check on the conditions. This is because of the rainfall. Then, he said the elevator shook. In fact, no longer did it respond when they pressed buttons to get it to stop.

Water Pouring in

The paper did report the water did began to pour in and was soon up to their chests and necks. Moreover, they did manage to get a friend to call 911. In fact, the roommate and two others also saw a post on social media.  Also, they did manage to get into the basement. Then help pull apart the elevator doors.

People: Rescuing Four Others Stuck Inside

Thus, the report did say that firefighters also managed to rescue four others that were stuck inside another elevator. This is in the building. However, none of the others reportedly did need medical attention.

Weather Conditions

“Rain fell so fast and strong, visibility was near zero for those who tried to drive on the streets at the peak of the storm. Then a nickel to quarter-sized hail fell along a path from Dodge to Harrison, 144th east to the Missouri River,” the report said.

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