Open or Enclosed Auto Transportation, Which to Use?

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A truck like this often is used for enclosed auto transportation!
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Deciding between our two main auto transportation services can be a hard decision to make. We suggest taking a minute to really learn about each service and see what they entail and then from their make the best informed decision you can make! Each shipping service is guaranteed to be a good decision when it is done with us, but each shipping service type also has its own set of pros and cons that may entice you to select one option over the other.

So, why should you choose open air auto transportation?

Well, open air auto transportation is by far the most popular auto transportation service, so if you choose this shipping service type, you will know that you are shipping with the service that is well loved across the board! This service is so popular because it is simply the best shipping service for the average car type. Any car is suitable for this shipping service and the best part is that we have a low price guarantee with our open air services! Our team of drivers have mastered the art of high quality, low cost shipping!

Additionally, open air is a great way to ship when you ship your vehicles in multiples. Shipping several cars all together is a guarantee we provide with our open air services, so if you are a family with lots of car owners, we are ready to help you out!

Now, why then should you choose enclosed auto transportation?

If you love all that we had to say about our open air auto transportation service but found yourself worried about the fact that your vehicle would be exposed to natural elements, such as rain and wind, then you need to take advantage of our enclosed shipping services! Enclosed auto transportation is a slightly more in depth shipping style in which your vehicle is fully surrounded by four sides on a trailer so that your vehicle can be sent with an extra layer of protection. This shipping method is most commonly used by owners of luxury, vintage, and sports cars but it can be used by anyone seeking that extra layer between your car and the world!

No matter which service you choose to ship with, be sure to do it with Omaha Car Transport! Call us today to learn even more about our team and our services!

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