Omaha Power Outage Affects Over 1,500 People.

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Over 1500 people are left without power in Omaha on Monday afternoon. These scatter outages were reported mostly near 40th and Harney Streets. The official cause was not immediately reported but an OPPD specialist is investigating the reason right now.

OPPD Storm Manager Ryan Mayberry expressed his thoughts about feeling positive about the situation. He also expressed that he was mainly concerned about tree branches and cars hitting poles, other than that the wind was not going to be too strong.

OPPD crews, trouble shooters, technicians, and tree crews, are on standby ready to report to any situation when needed.

When experiencing a power outage, here are some important points…

1. Safety

a. Never touch a downed or fallen power line, always assume that the power line is live and high voltage.
b. Do not go near anything that is touch a fallen power line this includes, other people or equipment.
c. Do not drive over a fallen power line.
d. Immediately call 911 if you experience a power line fall.

2. Outage Report

a. When experiencing an outage please call OPPD.
b. Always pinpoint your location because it allows the utility to access the vicinity of the situation, more crews may be needed.
c. An option is available for you to be prompted about updates regarding the reported outage.
d. Ways to report an outage include calling 1800-544-OPPD (6773), a free app for I-phone users on the app store and for android users on Google Play store called OPPD Connect. Also, a mobile version of is available.

3. Outage Map

a. There is an option for customers to view a map of the outage and receive the latest information about the number of outages and locations of other electrical issues in the service area.

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