OHA Employees Demanded Their Jobs With a Protest

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OHA employees in a Midwest state went to city hall Thursday to ask for their jobs back. In fact, the former employees have held protests with supporters outside before going inside to attend OHA’s regular board meeting.

OHA Employees – Ground Maintenance and Cleaning Services

Moreover, they have worked in ground maintenance and cleaning services. It was before being let go on December 10th. Also, OHA did decide to give the work to the local vendors instead.

In fact, the head of the Omaha AFI-CIO said it was unbelievable. It was the way the workers were dealt with. This is especially being telling that if they did reject an offer. They could, in fact, lose seven positions, not 18.

Workers go Unrecognized for their Accomplishments

Moreover, Terry Moore with the APL-CIO has said, “Why would have you a group of these individuals that have worked there 10, 20, 30 plus years. Plus they know every single about this housing growth. Also, what they have gone through. Therefore, they do not really work with them. Then re-educate them if it is what it takes and then motivate them. Also, reach out and show them some compassion. Therefore, it is what the workers need.”

Restructured Position

Joanie Poore, OHA Chief Executive, said the union leaders were telling in August that, in fact, OHA would need to them contract the work out. That is if an agreement on a restructuring position is not agreeing on the utility worker position.

OHA Chief Executive Officer Joanie Poore told 6 News that union leaders were told in August that OHA would need to contract the work out if an agreement on a restructuring position was not agreeing on with the utility worker position. The employees were also informed on September 2. OHA said it wanted to restructure the position. Thus to improve the quality of housing and then better respond to the unpredictable weather conditions.

At Thursday’s meeting, the workers did receive support from many current OHA employees. Also a current and past state senator. Plus several unions including the one that represents Kellogg employees. They are, in fact, on strike in Omaha and many other cities.

Job Classifications

Therefore, there are workers who said they have accepted an offer to change job classifications. That would be only wanted OHA to return to the classifications and thus lower the pay for custodians. Then, one employee did question why he would have to then reapply for his position after 31 years. OHA said the contract agreement does include language that current employees would not be eliminating.

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