Not safe in Omaha Anymore? 9 Shootings in Just 48 Hours

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OMAHA, NEBRASKA — Nine shootings in 48 hours across north and south Omaha leave residents shaken.

“Almost like 14 shots, outside. It sounded so close to us. Almost sounded like it was inside my house,” one concerned neighbor said.

“We have got to clean up these streets, it is not safe anymore,” another neighbor said.

A woman heard gunshots Saturday outside her home near 38th and Ames streets. A block away, near 37th and Ames streets, another shooting just two hours before that sent a 20 – year – old to the hospital with gunshot wounds to her leg.

Omaha police said neighbors should not be worried.

“We have had examples in the past where there has maybe been a surge in violent crime, so we are ready to handle situations like this,” Officer Michael Pecha said.

OPD said while this rash of violence catches your attention, they said that it is not random and is irregular.

“We just want to reassure people that when you look at the bigger picture and you look long term, one weekend may not represent the totality of the crime in the city, and that the city is not safe,” Pecha said.

Regardless, those touched by this weekend’s violence are worried.

Howard McDavid said he had just stopped at a gas station near 30th Street and Martin Avenue to fill up when someone drove by and shot up his car Saturday night.

He was not hurt, but another man walking across the street was. He got caught in the crossfire, police said.

“Be safe because these bullets [are] flying and they do not have anybody’s name on them,” a neighbor said.

If you have any extra information on any of these shootings, call Crimestoppers at 402 – 444 – STOP.

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