Nissan GTR 50 Is Now A Reality

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The Nissan GTR is one of the most iconic and rare muscle cars ever. Previous iterations of the car were not permitted within the US due to the design and emissions, but the new GTR 50 looks absolutely stunning.

A Complete Redesign For 50 Years

The new design comes in light of the vehicles 50th birthday. To date, the Nissan GTR as well as the Skyline have been one of Japans most prominent racing vehicles.

The Nissan GTR Hokosuka

The Hokosuka is one of the most prominent Skyline models. Back in the early 60’s this was for the Japanese market as Fords Mustang was for America. This vehicle proved that not only could Japan manufacture and produce high-performance racing vehicles, but that they could do it better.

1970s Nissan Skyline GT-R

The 70s saw the GT-R restyled and delivering far more power. Its new look was to compete with American powerhouses such as Ford, Chevy, and Dodge. The redesign took the aspect of muscle cars of the day and reforged them to produce a far greater extent of power as well as performance in both handling and braking.

The Nissan GT-R R34

The R34 took the latter half of the ’90s. Especially when it was driven by Paul Walker in the opening race of 2 Fast 2 Furious. This was the car that sparked the interest in Americans looking at what the Japanese markets could do. Once the pre-teens that are now car guys realized this car wasn’t available in America, it quickly became one of the most sought after for conversions.

The Skyline GTR 50

The new Skyline features not only just a complete redesign, but it also boasts a 711 hp engine. It has some of the best possible engineerings that the company could put into a vehicle. Not a bad looking (and performing) car for turning 50 years old.

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