Nebraska’s Unemployment Rate of 2.7% Leaves People Without Jobs

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NEBRASKA (state) — At this current moment, Nebraska has one of the lowest unemployment rates at 2.7%. Although it can seem a good thing to deal with, it causes some difficulties.

Over the recent years, mostly 3 years, Nebraska’s unemployment rate continues to drop, also, the Omaha and Council Bluffs metro’s rate.

In the metro, less than 14,000 people are without jobs. The rate talks itself, finding a job is easier in the metro, and getting hired is quick.

One of the applicators for the job, Larry Humberstone, spent not more than 40 minutes on the application for the interview at the MECA job fair being held on Monday.

Larry Humberstone said, “I just want to experience new things. It is always fun to know something you didn’t know how it worked.”

The goal of MECA is to fill up over 100 part time jobs. The jobs include: ticket selling, crowd manager, event staff and security officer.

According to the MECA president and CEO, Roger Dixon, it is a major concern of not being able to find enough part-time or hourly people.

The regional manager with the Nebraska Department of Labor, Scott Bergmann, said to the news release that the state is suffering from an unusual issue: it has a growing population and the unemployment rate is dropping.

Despite the dropping fact, Bergmann said that staff at Heartland Workforce Solutions are seeing more people are interested in online certification and resources.

If you are someone who is interested in some high demand jobs at this moment, you can learn more from this link. Anyone can enter Heartland Workforce Solutions for free resources. Walk-ins are welcome in any way.

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