Nebraska Lawmakers Limit Abortion Rights with Gender Care Bills

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Abortion is further contested in a proposed bill.
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Last year, the Earth stood still for hopes that stillbirths would be God’s way of just approving abortions. As it turns out, there’s not really something approved of in the State of Nebraska. So much so that they just can’t let a live baby die. And that’s really their big concern. The new worry in the Nebraska is how self-proclaimed enemies of abortion rights are absolutely manic about everything. This includes accompanied controversies deemed to strong to let into the light of day, as according to the Nebraska lawmakers.

Earlier today, an amendment having to do with the bill was introduced. It bans gender-affirming procedures for minors. Additionally, it states how it’d give off a near-month ban on abortion. How much more can these ignorant lawmakers cloud their judgement? To use a bill to rid the right to take charge of your own destiny is absurd. But, as it stands, the abortion aborting is just something that will give republicans a stronger chokehold on the American public.

Two weeks before this decision, a “heartbeat” abortion bill had flatlined as there was a hope to keep the bill going strong. But because of a filibuster, the bill banning abortion in itself was absolutely blocked from further debate.

Legislative Bill 626 had fallen face flat.

Since then, many backroom discussions had continued about the likelihood that there could be a more lenient abortion ban that could be brought back for debate. More discussions have brought on the announcement of an amendment, known well as the “Preborn Child Protection Act” wherein the bill would stop minors from having their own choice in reassigning themselves different genders.

The likelihood that both measures could be packaged neatly into one LB 574 was not likely believed to come to fruition. The abortion portion of the bill allows exception from the original when it comes to fighting against the agendas of incestuous encounters, rape and the mother dying from the incident. The modern-day law bans abortion in Nebraska after 20 weeks. The procedure is therefore banned after six weeks, when many women could and would know how pregnant they are while also being a little restrictive.

LB 574 makes a point of doing away with genital/non-genital surgery on minors. Of course, it seems pretty tone-deaf, with keeping in mind the randomness of medical procedures is truly the only saving grace they have. State senators from all over are supporting this, like Senator John Arch of LaVista, is stating how the abortion issue is a top priority for 2023. As it reaches the next stages of seriously being considered, progress has been paused since Omaha Senator Kathleen Kauth had spoken at length about changes to the bill.

If you ask me, abortion shouldn’t be made illegal. Population control is out of it and the last thing we need is more liabilities. It’s really a shame that the actual movers and shakers of Nebraska can’t see it the same way by means of accepting those who are in need of continuing their own welfare before.

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