Nebraska Department of Education is Offering a Grant for Norfolk Schools

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nebraskaThe Nebraska Department of Economic Development and the Nebraska Department of Education are offering a grant to some beneficiary schools in Nebraska.

The grant is called the Developing Youth Talent Initiative Grant.

Nucor Detailing Center happens to be one of the schools that will receive the $125,000 grant.

Through the grant, the school will have “maker spaces” for all of the students to use.


This grant will give 7th and 8th graders access to new 3D technological hardware and software to use during school hours.

Students will be working with 3D printers, as well as embroidery machines, and laser cutters too! The new technology will start teaching many students new information that most elementary schools in America do not learn.


Students will be able to choose a path for themselves more easily depending on these new tools.


David Decarolis, a teacher at Nucor, thinks this equipment will be great for the students.

Governor Pete Ricketts publicly announced the impact of the grant during the ceremony at the Nucor school in Norfolk.

During his speech, he said, “This is something that will make an impact on the community, an impact on the businesses and will be something that continues on even after the grant money runs out.”


Other schools will also have access to the new equipment. Norfolk Junior High, Battle Creek, Stanton, Madison, and all Pierce Public Schools will be able to use the equipment.


Governor Ricketts talks about how Nebraska offers a lot of career opportunities that do not require receiving a 4-year degree. The kids in 7th and 8th grade will get to see that through the new equipment and only go for a two-year program after graduating high school since they will have a lot of skill and knowledge from the “maker spaces.”


The grant will give the Nucor Detailing Center the opportunity to build 3 different maker spaces in different areas.


The first will be placed permanently at Norfolk Junior High. The second will be placed in a trailer that goes to different schools in the area. The third will be placed at Nucor Detailing Center in Norfolk.

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