Mustang Car Club of Omaha Excited For September Show

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The Mustang Car Club of Omaha (or MCCO) looks forward to getting back to business after pushing its 2019 show for a full year. Last September, bad weather delayed the event. Will Covid-19 postpone the 40th Annual Show yet again?

September 22, 2019 vowed to be a fun-filled day for Omaha families. Local Mustang fans planned to gather for MCCO’s 40th Annual Show in the Hy-Vee Parking Lot. The organization had offered 39 classes and kid-friendly events for locals to enjoy. For eight hours, enthusiasts planned to “ooh and aah” over classic cars while enjoying each other’s company. Weather put a damper on plans that year, though. And so MCCO rescheduled the show for September of 2020.

But big events are up against a new obstacle this year: the coronavirus. Covid-19 has hampered large gatherings all across the globe. Thankfully, Douglas County’s statistics show there is room for optimism. Though the region saw a spike in Mid-May, active cases have since been declining. But can Omaha keep their numbers down? And can the MCCO find a safe way to host their event?

Mustang Car Club Celebrations

The MCCO hosts events throughout the year for its members. Most of their parties and shows are open to children and reasonably priced. If we judge based off of last year’s schedule for the 40th Annual Show, this year’s comeback promises to be a hit.

The 2019 event was meant to feature a car show judged by popular vote. Voters could award “Best of show”, “interior”, “paint/exterior”, and “engine compartment” awards based on their favorites. The show hoped to celebrate 69/70 Mustangs in particular. It would have offered 39 classes for Mustangs and Classic Fords. Children had Hot Wheels races to look forward to.

But hope is not lost. And often, the anticipation leading up to something makes us want it more. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. So when everyone reconvenes this fall, the joy will be all the greater.

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