How The Midwest Assists The Trucking Industry

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The Midwest has been at the focal point for the trucking industry. So many farmers are using a byproduct to reduce carbon emissions. With fuel prices as high as they are, many within the trucking industry have found a new way to reduce their environmental impact as well as establish more cost-efficient fuel costs.

The Midwest: Americas Farmland

The midwest dominates the farmland frontier within America. Where there are so many shipments going from coast to coast on a regular basis, many farmers have been able to utilize their harvested byproducts to create alternative fuels in order to benefit both the environment and cut down staggering diesel costs.

Establishing themselves along some of the most traveled routes in the US has helped many trucking industries cut down on the costs of refueling their fleet. While diesel engines still run conventional fossil fuels, adding biodiesel to the mix lowers carbon.

Trucking Saves Money

B20 (which is 20% biodiesel) has helped to decrease annual trucking spend for most vehicles. The results have helped to increase many avenues within the industry. The trucking crisis has been one area that has helped to save some smaller businesses to stay afloat. With many businesses starting off the 2020 year close to ending, or even falling apart., many have seen this future and have made changes to their own plans.

How This Benefits The Trucking Crisis

Places like Nebraska have been able to use their recycled corn waste in order to produce a high-yield fuel for diesel engines. With the lowered cost of driving, many businesses have looked at ways to help them fill empty slots in their fleets.

The major issue stems from those not finding the job appealing. While countless of long-time trucking employees have started to retire, this has left a large gap from newer generations. The level of skill, experience and time on the road is a major factor when a company looks for a new driver. This has been pushed back by a decrease in popularity over the years. The long time spent away from family and loved ones, the dangers of the road, and the low pay and wages all account for the inability of the industry to meet the demands of the next generation.

The amount of money saved by businesses who planned ahead and switched to biofuel is what they are now reinvesting. These reinvestments help to increase worker wages, increase benefits packages and creates and better work environment for the industry. Since they have been able to implement these new measures, the industry has seen a slight uptick in those looking for new careers.

The Midwest Industry

Farmers have been the backbone of many sections of American industry. Here they are again to help bail out many so we can continue to grow and develop. By their actions, many businesses are still around to see through the trucking crisis.

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