Massive Recalls Send Porsche and Audi Spiralling

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Audi and Porsche Recall
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Massive recall with Audi and Porsche has more than 32,000 sedans, coupes, and SUVs from the 2020 and 2021 model years to address a rear axle alignment issue that may have been introducing by a prior defect-related repair.

Massive Recalls: Audi Campaign

In fact, this campaign does cover at the very least a few of every kind of Audi vehicle which is manufactuing in 2021, 2020 and in also in the case of the RS5, there are some 2019s, however, it does not apply to every example of each model line built. It is really only those that were in fact the subject of a previous rear-suspension recall. Related to that a nut could fail. This did cause the rear end to suddenly go out of alignment.

That is if it was not properly aligned afterward is impacting by the newest campaign. Also, there were parts that were using to address the prior defect. It did appear to be perfectly good. Also, the recall procedure did not include instructions for dealers to re-align the rear axle. It was after the remedy was completing. In fact, here is the summary from Audi’s defect report:

“It would seem there is a check of the suspension alignment of the rear axle. Moreover, it was not including originally when executing recall 42L1. In fact, may result in displacement in the wheel alignment. The ensuing result could be premature and uneven wear of the tires leading to a decrease of traction,” it said. 

“On the affected vehicles, the suspension alignment for the rear axle will be checked and adjusted if necessary. Furthermore, the tires will be checking for premature and uneven wear. This is due to a possible misalignment of the suspension. Moreover, it will be replacing if and when it is necessary. Audi is going offer a reimbursement plan under this recall,” it said. 

Previous Recall

In fact, while less severe than the issue the previous recall did address, the misaligned rear end can, in fact, still cause headaches, up to and including premature tire wear and failure. Moreover, Audi did say customers may notice strange steering and braking behavior. In addition, to abnormal wear patterns on the rear tire tread.

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