Mask Mandate Extension Approved by City Council

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Mask Mandate Extended to the Holidays Into Late February

A mask mandate has been voted on by the Omaha City Council to extend it past the holidays and into late February 2021.

Mask Mandate Passed was Unanimous – A Total Travesty

Typically like past public hearings, where both sides of the argument could speak at length, this time around, council members kept their comments brief. Therefore, the mandate extension was passed unanimous.

“In my judgment, it is important, that this mask mandate continue to exist,” council member Ben Gray said.

Significant Changes to the Mask Mandate Ordinance

Council considered two significant changes to the ordinance, during Tuesday, November 10th meeting.

There is a sunset clause on the mandate. Should the city of Douglas County meet specific terms before the deadline. The mandate would then end if the positivity rate drops to five percent or less for two consecutive weeks. It is also based on reports of 10 cases or fewer per 100,000 people in two weeks based on a seven-day rolling average.

88 Positive Cases per 10,0000

The latest rate showed just over 88 positive cases per 100,000. This information is according to Douglas County Health Department’s COVID-19 dashboard. Ben Gray has said the council did not include this stipulation in the extension.

Mandate Approved Through February 23, 2021

The council did approve the second amendment on the table extending the mandate through Feb. 23, 2021.

Councilmember Pete Festersen is said to have introduced an amendment during the meeting in which was approved. He said extending the ordinance through that date to help protect families and students over the holidays.

More Than 30-Day Challenge – Mask Mandate

“This is going to be more than a 30-day challenge for us,” Festersen said. “We do have the holiday’s coming up. It’s important to get through the holidays and get kids through the holidays and then back to school.”

The recent health measure declarations will do a better job of combatting the spread, this is an edict of Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts. Council members Aimee Melton and Brinker Harding are in agreement with this.

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