Man Shot 50-Year-Old Then Committed Suicide in Gretna

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2 people were involved in a shooting today in a parking lot of an apartment complex by East Westplains Road.

The shooting happened around 8 A.M. this morning in Gretna, Nebraska.

A 50-year-old man was in his vehicle when he was approached by another man with a gun.

The suspect shot the man a few times while he was still seated in his car.

The victim was horribly wounded but was able to drive.

He drove to the nearest location he could find help, the Gretna Fire Station.

Police immediately transported him to Bergan Mercy. He is in critical conditions.

The suspect went back to his apartment in the Northridge complex, near the location where he shot the man.

When police went to his apartment, they found him unconscious with a gunshot wound that was self-inflicted.

Detectives on the case say that he committed suicide.

Police took him to Midlands Hospital, however, he was pronounced dead.

Neither of the men’s identities have been revealed yet. Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the case and what may have led to the shooting.

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