Lincoln and Omaha Show Increase In COVID-19

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Lincoln. NE – COVID-19 cases are rising in two of Nebraska’s largest cities. The virus is now emerging in states that do not adhere to public safety.

Phil Roony, a spokesperson for Wayne County Health Department says we “…have a long way to go until COVID-19 is over”

“The only tools we have to fight it are social and physical distancing and remaining six feet apart from people as much as possible.”

While the concepts are basic, many are still finding it difficult to accept that the virus is not going away. One of the more common ways that people can help each other is to remain 6 feet apart.

This plan is not going well for many within Lincoln and Omaha. Each of these cities is seeing a sharp uptick in confirmed cases.

Since June 27th, the level of confirmed cases is increasing to 800+. The outlook for the state is still much better than the likes of Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

“I certainly wouldn’t want to be somebody who felt that I made someone else sick because I wouldn’t wear a mask for a few moments when I’m out in public,” said Rooney.

Omaha does not require masks to be worn. One of the largest cities in the state has been keeping up with social distancing policies. By staying 6 feet away, many people can deter the spread of the virus exponentially.

While the effects are not as bad in Nebraska, in other areas are, in fact growing. Nebraska is doing a good job of maintaining the spread of the virus. Still, businesses remain closed.

Lincoln Motions To Wear Masks

The state is not implementing mandatory mask requirements. Reported cases are low, but the potential to spread without these requirements is high.

Lincoln, on the other hand, is strictly mandating mask requirements. While both cities are doing a good job to help prevent the spread, they need to keep up with these requirements in order to see it to the end.

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