Kiewit Luminarium Riverfront Science Museum Coming Soon

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Kiewit Luminarium, Omaha’s new riverfront science center, that has a name and begun construction.

Kiewit Luminarium Puts Spotlight on all Kinds of Subjects

Rooted in the word illuminate, Luminarium is what community leaders hope the new science center will do: shine light on many subjects such as science, technology, engineering and math. Moreover, the hope is to perhaps inspire the next generation of STEM workers in Omaha.

Kiewit Luminarium Hopes to Inspire a Sense of Wonder

“The wonder that comes from a name like that trying to inspire something in this place,” said Trent Demulling. He is an executive at Omaha’s Kiewit construction company. Demulling is chairing the board of the new nonprofit that will build and operate the center.

Therefore, Omaha’s privately funded science museum will open at Lewis & Clark Landing in 2023.

Geometric Climber is a Combination of Art and Symmetry

Moreover, among the attractions of the new center will be a “geometric climber.” However, visitors will be able to learn about the art and symmetry of geometry. Moreover, this is done by walking and climbing through a two-story exhibit.

Another two-story exhibit space will focus on the science of materials. Therefore, visitors will learn about the weight, strength, and other qualities of materials used for construction and other purposes.

Moreover, the new center solidifies Greater Omaha as a world-class region. David G. Brown said. He is the president and CEO of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce.

The Riverfront Science Museum is a Sizable Glassy Structure

Based on renderings from the Omaha architecture firm HDR it shows a sizable glassy structure on city parkland at Lewis & Clark Landing. There are views of Downtown, the Missouri River, and the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.

The long-defunct Rick’s Cafe Boatyard restaurant is the site for the museum in that area. It is located north of Interstate 480. It is east of the CHI Health Center arena and south of the National Park Service’s Midwest region headquarters and the Kerrey bridge.

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