Japan: Robots Replace Graduates

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Japan has had to make some dramatic changes to how it goes about continuing with traditional procedures. Take, for instance, graduating. Across the country, graduation ceremonies have been canceled. The typical ceremony for those who have worked hard to graduate and further their education has been put to the side due to COVID-19. For other schools, they have found a way to work around this: Robots.

Japan Uses “NewMe” Robots To Give Students Their Ceremony

The “NewMe” robot is a specialized robot that many businesses utilize for work conferences. Now, they have found a new use: Providing students with their hard-earned respect from their teachers and administrations.

The robots are of a simple design. Consisting of few battery operated wheels with a pole attached to the top for a tablet or iPad. Students call into each tablet by Skype, Google Hangouts or many other options which allows them to see their teachers and staff give them praise for their accomplishments.

Adoption Into Other School Programs

For many students, the thought of finally achieving what they have so long sought after in their education is one of the most important part of their lives. Due to current events stemming from the global pandemic, many schools have opted to introduce this method in order to give students the praise and respect that they deserve.

Working hard and dedicating your future to the success of your education is what many hope to achieve when they start school. When they finish, they have achieved something not many others have. The ability to acknowledge and show praise for those completing this goal is important. This shows that bright young students receive the right acknowledgment of their self-discipline and determination.

Although this is temporary, this method has been able to provide a sense of hope and accomplishment to those who are under self-isolation practices. It shows that everyday, things can shine a little brighter.

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