Is Open or Enclosed Transport Better?

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Open Transport Trailers are often less expensive than Enclosed Transport Trailers
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If you’re shopping around for auto transport quotes, you may have noticed that there’s an option for enclosed or open transport. The question is, what does this mean? When auto shippers ask you if you want open transport or enclosed transport, they are asking what kind of trailer you want to ship your car on. There are pros and cons to each option. It’s important to know the differences between the two. Not only can this save you time and money, it may also save you some serious hassles as some cars can only be transported on certain trailers. Let’s walk through the differences between open and enclosed transport to help you find what’s right for you.

Open Transport

Open transport trailers are probably what you think of when you imagine a car shipping truck. They are the double-decker trailers that hold anywhere between six and ten vehicles. They get the name “Open Transport” from the cars on the trailer exposed to the open air. Over 90% of all shipping trailers are open transport trailers. With the higher availability of open transport trailers, chances are that booking on one of these trailers will be faster and less expensive than booking on an enclosed transport trailer.

Time and money are both good things, but there are some cons that should be addressed. First, the open nature of the trailer means that your car will almost certainly arrive with a healthy layer of dirt. Depending on if your shipment takes your vehicle through rough terrain or some heavy weather, it may be a liability. Sure, heading to the carwash isn’t the biggest deal in the world, but heading to the body shop may be a bigger issue. However, with your car on an open transport trailer, your car could be prone to a rogue rock or hailstorm. This could ding a side panel or crack a windshield. That being said, any shipping company worth its salt will have adequate insurance to cover any issue. In fact, car dealers ship their brand-new cars on open transport trailers. For most people who want to save time and money, open transport trailers are the way to go.

Enclosed Transport

Many people with classic or exotic cars choose to ship their vehicles using an enclosed transport trailer. These trailers encompass a wide variety of trailers with one thing in common. All of these trailers have either a canvas or hard-shell cover that offers extra protection when shipping your vehicle. The added protection helps those with classic cars who may have trouble finding replacement parts or paint even if the shipping company has more than enough insurance. The other issue is that many exotic cars have low ground clearance or protruding aftermarket parts. If a car is too low, it will not be able to drive up the ramp to load onto the trailer. If this is the case, you will need a hydraulic lift. Trailers with these lifts are often only fit for a couple cars on the trailer and are harder to schedule due to lack of availability.

This leads us to the cons of enclosed transport trailers. There just aren’t that many on the road. This means that these types of trailers will be more expensive. This is especially true if your vehicle demands a trailer that only fits one or two other cars. This is because the secret to keeping prices low in car shipping is to split the costs between the other vehicles on the trailer. If your car is the only car on the trailer, gas, tolls, and specialty permits all come out of your pocket. That can add up quickly if you have to travel a long distance. However, if your car requires extra attention and protection, enclosed transport is for you.

The Best Transport Trailer comes down to your vehicle’s needs.

Realistically, the best transport trailer depends on the vehicle you need to ship. As long as you have a reputable auto shipper, you’re in good hands with whatever option you pick. If you’re still looking for an auto shipping company, give Omaha Car Transport a call today! For over 16 years, they have shipped cars across the United States and Puerto Rico. The best part is that they have industry-leading insurance included right there in their quote. You can get an instant quote and see how much time and money they can save you today.

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