Honor Students Prepare Taxes for Free

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Honor Students Help Community with Taxes for Free
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Honor students from the University of Nebraska are using their accounting, leadership, and communication skills to meet the needs of community members.

Honor Students – Helping Community Members Prepare Federal and State Taxes

Honors students do spend Saturdays helping community members actually prepare federal and state taxes for free. It is through a partnership between the University Honors Program and Lincoln VITA. Moreover, there is an initiative that creates a mutually beneficial relationship between community members and university students. In fact, participating students can earn an advanced tax law certification and invaluable service experience.

“There is a great experiential learning opportunity for our students,” said Linda Moody. She is the VITA coordinator. Moody has worked with the program since its inception in 2003. They are gaining life skills learning about their community.”

IRS Voluntary Income Tax Assistance Program

A local VITA is a local branch of the IRS Voluntary Income Tax Assistance program. Moreover, the program does offer free tax preparation for qualified individuals in three ways: in-person, online, and self-preparation help. Plus, individuals that in-person, online, and self-preparation help. In fact, there are individuals that seek assistance from VITA who can sign up for an appointment at one of the local VITA locations.

VITA Experience

“Also, interacting with the clients has been my favorite part of the VITA experience,” Swartzbaugh said. “Plus, many of the people that we have worked with express their gratitude toward us. As many of them don’t have the means to do their taxes on their own. However, it is great to see and hear from the people that we are helping just how much it means to them.”

In fact, there are about 10 university students who typically volunteer for the local VITA annually. However, this is the first year of the organized partnership with the Honors Program. 

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