General Motors Is Reducing Electric Vehicle Battery Costs By 60%

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General Motors has made it official that they will be developing some next-level stuff. Electric vehicle batteries are likely to cut technology costs by 60%. In which case, they are able to focus on the chemistry that will make smaller the size. All while lowering the cost of the vehicles. In which case, the high-capacity pre-production battery will be ready by 2023.

General Motors has announced that Ultium would ultimately reduce costs.

So that cars like the Chevy Bolt EV would go down by 60% when it comes to the battery. Of course, this is likely happening by 2025 at the latest.

Official authorities are being a little quiet about this. They would rather not say all the financial details of the tie-up that General Motors has found themselves in. However, their venture capital did mention that an investment in SolidEnergy Systems has been made as early as 2015.

That said, the latest batteries have lithium metal rather than lithium-ion. It just seems more practical for today’s electric vehicle use. The change allows for the battery to incorporate higher energy density and longer range from similar-sizes in batteries or a comparable range with the smaller batteries that may be available.

Th first prototypes, believe it or not, have already seen 150,000 simulations be completed as far as research and development at General Motors’ own Global Technical Center.

To seek more development of these future batteries is to head the battery division. There are a lot of pitfalls to be had in the future. But you don’t think they realize that? General Motors is one of the biggest car companies in the world. They know what’s at the stake. The difference between General Motors and other companies, is that they don’t have fear involved. They want to be “the world’s greatest partner” by making solutions to age-old problems the automotive industry has had for ages.

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