Gas Prices Are Changing Auto Transport Companies

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It’s no secret that it’s more expensive to get around these days. One look at gas station prices and it’s enough to cancel your summer road trip and take a staycation enjoying your local community. Anything that you can do to avoid stopping at the gas pump. Some people may even change their vacation destinations based on gas prices. West Coast states like California, Nevada, and Washington have some of the most expensive gas prices in the country. Even in the northeast corridor, like New York and Maine, there are record highs. This makes traveling through these states even more difficult than ever before. With the summer months approaching, people are ready to move. The busy season for auto transport companies is upon us.

However, gas prices are quickly changing the environment for drivers everywhere, especially truckers. If you need to ship your car, you may find that prices are a little higher than they were last year around this time. However, gas prices aren’t the only thing that’s changing for auto transport companies.

Auto Transport Companies need to Evolve

Auto transport companies are working together to solve this issue. One solution that many companies have is to work together on long-haul routes together. This means that they want to create a connected network where different companies can work together to get a car transported across the country. Cross-country shipments are always a problem for auto transport companies. The problems come from having half-full trailers, which loses the driver money by not having enough cars to fill their trailer. Some companies won’t even offer cross-country trips because of this.

Summer months mean clear weather, but there are whispers in the auto transport community about shutting down during the winter months. If gas prices maintain this ludicrous level, winter travel could disappear. This is because harsh weather creates slow downs. Stop and go driving is notorious for poor gas mileage. The combination of road closures, detours, and this stop-go traffic makes shipping in the winter extremely costly. The price that auto transport companies would have to charge may not be competitive enough for the average person to want to pay.

How much have gas prices increased?

Fuel is at an all-time high and has increased by at least 35% across the United States. This is unfortunately handed off to the customer. Essentially, you’re paying to have your car shipped, which means you’re paying for gas. If you’re shipping a short distance, you may not even notice the change. Unfortunately, those who need to ship a far distance will surely see the hit. However, if you drive that distance on your own, you’ll still need to pay for gas. You’ll also need to pay for oil changes, tires, wear and tear on your vehicle, and more. Not to mention hotel stays, food, and toll roads.

Despite the increase in gas prices, it could still be a better option to have your car shipped. Especially if you’re planning on selling your car anytime soon. A large trip on the odometer could end up costing you more than what it costs to ship. The benefit of shipping on a trailer is that you and the other customers’ cars on the trailer will split the gas. If you drive on your own, it’s all coming out of your pocket.

There are Still ways to Save

Just because one cost is higher doesn’t mean every cost is higher. There are still plenty of ways to make sure you’re getting the best deal from your auto transport company. Make sure to get a few quotes from a variety of shippers. This is to ensure that you’re getting the best deal. Just make sure they are a licensed company. Opt in for an open trailer. Sure, your car may arrive with some dirt on it, but it is always the cheaper option when shipping your car. Lastly, be flexible. If you can work with your auto transport company to find the best time to ship your car, you can save hundreds. Busy holiday weekends are the worst. If you can ship mid-week, preferably in the fall, you can save some money. Talk to your auto transport company to see what days work for them.

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