Department of Correctional Services is Planning for Upgrades

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The Department of Correctional Services is going to move ahead on projects approved by our Legislature during the past session. Moreover, the department is looking for a consultant to move the extra 96 beds to a combined Correctional Center and Diagnostic Evaluation Center. There is construction is underway to connect the facilities. That would increase thereby the capacity by almost 450 beds. In addition, 96 additional beds would be setting aside for older people. Plus those with mental health problems or other special needs.

Department of Correctional Services Upgrade Project

In 90 days, the work on the project should be, in fact, underway. Moreover, that interested consultant can submit their requests for proposals until 1 p.m. on June 21st. In fact, the agency is currently working with architects to update the department’s master plan. Then define the scoop of the project construction.

Department of Correctional Services Future Projections

“Visits to all of the facilities is part of the document. It is a major undertaking. This includes interviews with staff members plus an analysis of what was done already. In addition, to the future projects of the state’s bed space needs,” said Scott R. Frakes. He is the director of the department in Nebraska.

“In developing this document, there is a multitude of variables. It includes information that is pertinent to each facility.”

Proposals for Designing and Planning a New Bed Facility

The Proposals for designing and planning a new, 1,512-bed facility by the Nebraska State Penitentiary. At 1 p.m., the proposals are due on June 21. Moreover, a selection committee will choose candidates to interview in person.

Land to Fit Workforce Needs

“Choosing and identifying a sizable piece of land that is close to utilities, services, and other considerations. That is of top importance to the project,” Frakes said. “Thereby, it must be built in an area that can meet workforce needs.”

In state funds, $14.7 million has been approving by the Nebraska Legislature in Lincoln to start the designing and planning for the new prison.

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