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Customer Reviews

customer reviews

Reading customer reviews before choosing a service provider has become second nature for clients. You can see what other people think about a company’s services. Reviews will help you determine which companies are the most reliable. Research is an essential step when you are shopping around for car shipping services. Customer reviews will tell you about the quality of services an auto shipping company provides. You will see if there any common issues with a company — and what companies are more popular among clients.

Omaha Car Transport Customer Reviews

At Omaha Car Transport we are always glad to hear from our customers. If you want to read our customer reviews or write one, you can do it online on websites such as Yelp and Yahoo.

Here are some of the reviews our clients have left us:

Owen J.

I bought a Kia from a dealership in Omaha and needed it to be shipped to me ASAP. I called Omaha Car Transport and they gave me a fair price for fast shipping. My new car arrived on time, with no damage. I’m happy I decided to go with this company. Good customer service and the driver was polite and professional as well. Good job!

Maria G.

I was going to the west coast for a few months for work and decided to take my car with me from Omaha. I shopped around and Omaha Car Transport offered me a good deal. The price was quite low and they managed to work around with busy schedule. I used open car shipping and except my car being really dusty when it was delivered, everything else went just perfect.

John A.

I myself run a shipping company and needed to ship four vans to our new branch in Omaha. I had shipped with Omaha Car Transport a couple of times before and they never let me down. This time everything was not an exception. I will stick with this company if I need to ship vehicles again!