Communications Tower Destroyed By Domestic Terrorism

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The Strayer Communications tower has fallen.
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If you live in South-Central Nebraska, chances are, you have been aware of a communications tower getting toppled over. Deputies themselves had made moves of notifying the downed tower, originally owned by Strayer Communications, just south of Oxford.

For you to understand the gravity of the situation you must first look at what the definition is of a communication tower. These structures are meant to support antennas, dedicated to broadcasting and telecommunication. More often than not they are used to create connections between radio signals cell, phones, TVs, and Wi-Fi . Therefore, to grasp for the picture better, if a communications tower was to topple then that would be a lot of citizens within the area nearby and impossible chance of getting in touch with each other the rest of Nebraska and the world. So to see the communications tower, being struck down by an unknown man-made force is quite suspect, and may hold serious consequences for the perpetrators.

Such an instance may yet to unfold as the Strayer communications tower was downed in an unusual circumstance.

This past Saturday deputies have been made aware of the fallen tower just south of Oxford, Nebraska as previously stated. However, the rabbit hole only seems to get deeper from here.

Investigators have discovered, therefore, intentional damage to a guidewire anchor, causing the tower to fall.

Of course, in these scenarios you can imagine that much like the scenes on CSI and NCIS forensic evidence is needed in order to locate the most likely suspect and therefore for justice to be served , so for the time being the state patrol had already sent out the forensics team, to throw their own little investigation and gather as much evidence as possible to draw a conclusion of who may have done this dastardly deed.

several items have been acquired and are likely to be examined at the patrols crime lab. Around $575,000 in damage have been caused to the communications tower. In specific, real estate had been taken up already upon the communications tower by the local sheriffs office, southern Valley schools to fire and rescue and Verizon Wireless. The last of these entities were so generous as to temporarily put up a an emergency tower in the interim of another permanent structure being built to replace the fallen Strayer communications tower.

but that’s not all. And working very closely with the sheriffs office, the federal Bureau of investigation are considering the likelihood of deeming, this act of vandalism as an act of domestic terror.

All tips and leads can be directed to the sheriffs office number at 308-268-2245.

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