BMW i4 M50 2022 Earns Its M Badge with its Power And Range

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The BMW i4 M50 2022 at a mere glance doesn’t give its full importance. In fact, there is little to separate it from the like-sized 4Series Gran Coupe four-based it is based on. However, this is BMW’s first EV to wear the storied M badge. Though it is like an M50 moniker and not a full-blown M.

BMW i4 Has Power and Range

In fact, it has earned the M badge, too. The power and range are, in fact, a huge leap beyond BMW’s previous i-subbrand offerings. The i4 uses the same 255-hp front and 308-hp rear motors as the iX. However, it has a bigger peak output of 536 horsepower and 586 pound-feet of torque. This is due to a battery that is smaller in capacity. Yet it is stronger in output. Moreover, that’s more power than the current M3 and M4 Competition models. The pedal does bring hard results and what is an instant thrust. Moreover, it causes the front end to rise up heavily as the i4 hurdles ahead. Both pedals are being held down when the launch control stops. It does pulsate the motors. Moreover, acceleration to 60 mph is expecting to be in a three-second range. Then it is as quick as M3/M4.

BMW Lineup

The starting price at $66,895 is for the i4 M50. which makes it a bit of a bargain in the BMW lineup. This is less than you’ll pay for even the base M3. Moreover, there is also a $56,385 335-hp Drive40 model. It has the same 80.7 kWh battery capacity.

Sound and Audio

Then adding audio to the experience is a swoop around soundtrack which tone does rises and fall with motor speed. It gets louder and softer. That depends on the rate of acceleration or deceleration. Moreover, the Select Sport mode and the sound can be overbearing. Then switching it off one can be in awe at i4’s silence. In fact, there is no whine/noise from the motors or high-voltage electronics that are often currently in EVs.

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