Best Wine Suggestions for Thanksgiving

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Omaha WineThanksgiving revolves around giving thanks among family and friends, eating pumpkin pie, and drinking delicious wines. Almost forgot about Turkey! However, Thanksgiving dinner isn’t just about Turkey.

Well, if you are making the shopping list for your Thanksgiving dinner, no doubt it includes the wine.  You will probably need some recommendations on which one to choose. We are here to help you to make good wine choices.

Wine experts take wine pairing with food options very seriously. Perfect wine will evoke familial, celebratory feeling of togetherness.  Thanksgiving is about family warmth and unitedness.

Devon Broglie, Whole Foods Market Sommelier believes there are tons of pairing options since Thanksgiving table is full of many flavors.

An ever-popular guest at Thanksgiving gatherings is the first harvest wine from France’s Beaujolais region. This is a relatively young wine that’s on shelves six-to-eight weeks after harvest.

The specific thing about this wine is that it is allowed to be sold the same year it was harvested, upon AOC regulations.

This light-bodied, juicy wine is so synonymous with the holiday. Even the release date is the same as holidays’ (the third Thursday of November).

This perfect wine is just one option for your Thanksgiving dinner. But there are more people around your table. When you are hosting people at your place, you want to make sure everybody gets enough attention.

To keep your guests entertained, you make efforts to feed them well and offer a wide range of good wines.

There is so much joy and fun in serving your guests with the wine they like or, the one they have never tried. This does not mean skipping so well-liked, delicious wines, but being open to starting a new tradition amongst traditions.

As a great alternative, serve your guests with Pinot Noir.  This wine is an ideal companion for your Thanksgiving dinner, for only $18.99. For another wine option offered by Pinot Noir Meiomi you will pay little for, up to $ 22.99.

The choice is yours.

Get your perfect wine selection for Thanksgiving, but don’t get overboard with drinking.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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