Audi E-Tron GT Launching At $99,900 And Is Looking Like A Serious Ride

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It’s a fact. Audi is now making the necessary moves to launch the E-Tron GT electric vehicle in the USA at a price of $99,900. At least, that’s the case before incentives. The E-Tron GT happens to be a perspective of Audi that appears to challenge the Porsche Taycan wherein it shares the platform, competitively. There’s also a really cool performance rate, like from zero-to-sixty miles per hour in about 3.1 seconds for the RS E-Tron GT. As well as the fast-charging capabilities, upwards towards 270 kilowatts. They may very well be diverging from the path that Porsche themselves took in the past. One can tell that the biggest difference has been the design.

In which case, there was a change of balance between sporty and luxury qualities. These days, the vehicle is around in the US market while Audi leaves the online configurator wide open. Some of the choices that you can select for your version of the Audi E-Tron GT include a lightweight roof panel, chiseled lower doors to reinforce the battery pack, a “monoposto” cockpit that is able to angle the 12.3-inch Audi virtual cockpit, a full-circumference, flat-bottom steering wheel, a Matrix-design pair of headlights with Audi laser lights, equipped with high-beam visibility, while also coming in with distinct road presence. Also, there are leather-free interiors that will be made from recycled materials. Did we mention that the US models are likely to enter the marketplace with 20-inch 5-double-spoke alloy wheels? There are 5-spoke AERO wheels that are also available as 21-inch wheels.

This Audi is certainly looking impressive.

The competition, actually, is quite fierce between these models of vehicles. You certainly have to be wary of these type of developments when choosing which car to take seriously in the near future. Audi or Porsche, the choice is totally your’s.

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