Audi A8L Reveals Deluxe Model Of The Lineup: Horch Heads To China

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Audi, for a long time, has been instrumental in establishing sedans as a luxury option. The brand is synonymous with anyone who cares about what they drive and how good they look when they drive that car. It’s all a matter of being cool and established with the times. Therefore, it’s good to say that the Audi brand would like to prove it’s all with the Horch model. This model of Audi, currently debuting in China, happens to be exclusive to the East. It’s of the A8L line and is looking awesomely fine with a spacious rear-seat organization. Along with some exterior style quirks, there’s just something about this model that makes it all worth the while to ship to the United States.

For starters, Audi has some history with the word “Horch.”

August Horch, best known as a founder of the German automaker, has proven himself instrumental in the history of Audi. Furthermore, the moniker is mighty visible on the fenders and the seats. What little is known about the car is still impressive by far. Even if we don’t know if the car is gas-powered or an electric vehicle, still! It has throw pillows! The Maybach is still a hefty contender for the Audi. But this Horch might edge Audi towards the lead that they need to surpass the competing luxury brand.

On the inside, you may notice that there is also a power-seat adjusting climate functions on the screen and heating and cooling capabilities as well. In addition to all of this, there are two rear-seat entertainment screens. In which case, it mostly mimics the standard model. But something about the Audi Horch. Also, note the diamond stitchings all along with the seats and door panels.

It’s all really quite impressive and a sight worth looking into as a future investment.

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