Atlis Electric Trucks Plans To Demolish The Competition With Better Tech

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Have you ever heard of the old adage, “be nice to the guard at the gate today, because he’ll be your boss tomorrow?” Not sure if that entirely applies here, in an article about being selective of electric pickup brands, but when considering your posse, consider ones you’ll get along with. For instance, Atlis Motors! They seem pretty real. Furthermore, down-to-Earth. CEO Mark Hanchett may own a Tesla Model 3, but he often prefers the 3/4-ton diesel pickup. Interesting thing is, he wants to combine the two for a “seamless, clean ownership experience.”

Atlis At Last Is Getting Some Recognition!

Crowdfunding these days is a hit-or-miss gamble. Yet to tow and haul with the heavy-duty pickup, there’s certainly worth to be had with the charging experience. Hanchett and his boys are working hard for the ambition of the Atlis XT. It has a tow capacity of nearly 35,000 pounds… Otherwise seen as a 5,000 pound payload. What’s more, they have a drive to develop a unique enough battery cell format never before seen by individuals before. Which tends to be a subject that Tesla is now approaching, after so long in the game.

Their secret? A price at the forefront with benefits in the backbone. Atlis is no fool’s errand. They know exactly what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. The XT pickup is launching at about $45,000 with a 10,000-pound tow rating. Additionally, the 500-mile model is looking to cost around $78,000 with a gooseneck/5th-wheel setup for 35,000 pound towing.

Atlis describes their XP technology as “scalable,” complete with cloud ecosystems providing workflows unparralleled in the industry.

Hanchett had this to add: “Everything says we are on the right path, the data matches the theory that we’ve had for several years, all the work we did in the past.”

As one could tell, it’s still a while to go before the skateboard chassis become part of a greater reality. A greener reality. With 100% BEV capability. Atlis sure won’t shrug this weight off their shoulders.

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