App Subscriptions to Healthcare Workers to Get Parents Back to Work

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App Provides 25,000 Annual Memberships

The Swishboom App was founded in Omaha. Swishboom is providing 25,000 annual memberships to healthcare workers and healthcare employers. Moreover, it offers a back-up childcare plan for its employees. In turn, this is a backup in the event schools may abruptly close. In turn, Swishboom came out this summer.

Scheduling Childcare, Remote Learning for Families

As a result, it has gone on to help schedule hundreds of hours of childcare. In addition, to remote learning for families across the U.S. Therefore, employers have the chance to offer it to their employees for free as families struggle with the uncertainty of possible school closures due to COVID-19.

App is Gaining Rapid Popularity

Swishboom is the #2 parenting app. In turn, it has over 650 downloads. Since it came out, there have been over 500+ downloads in the 1st week and it has been used nationwide.

Connecting Families with Their Networks to Schedule Babysitters

This mobile app helps to put together families with their network to schedule babysitters fast. In turn, they use a trusted network. Swishboom mimics sourcing. Therefore, it vets a sitter using the referrals of people you know well and can trust. Moreover, Swishboom cuts through the wait time in background checks. As a result, it allows families to leverage their relationships to schedule their childcare and remote learning jobs quickly.

For employers that want to offer Swishboom to their U.S. employees, they can sign up at . Employers will get contacted by a Swishboom representative to onboard their employees.

Swishboom Background Information

Swishboom is a privately held company based in Omaha, Nebraska. The company was founded in 2019 by Kellee Mikuls and Richard Tom. As a result, the team says it has brought together a track record in sales and software engineering. Swishboom is a fellow within The Startup Collaborative.

Swishboom Information

For more information about Swissboom, contact Kellee Mikuls at or (808) 389-4917.

Also visit the company website at Swishboom’s physical address is  808 ConAgra Drive  #400 Omaha, NE 68102

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