Another Act of Kindness Got a Man Injured in Omaha Downtown

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A man was injured in downtown Omaha on Wednesday morning.

The reason he got injured was his willingness to rescue a kitten that was trapped in a 25-foot –deep ventilation shaft below a steel grate.

Two men took some measurement to rescue the kitten, but, unfortunately, it ended up being dangerous for one of them.

They lowered a ladder into the shaft below the grate to attempt to reach the kitten.

The man stepped down onto the latter, but it gave way, and he fell.

The incident happened in Omaha downtown on Wednesday morning before 10 a.m.

The ventilation shaft is outside The Omaha World-Herald Building located at 14th and Douglas Streets.

The man who fell was in critical condition and was taken to Nebraska Medical Center. This information was told by firefighters, who witnessed the scene.

More than a dozen firefighters were at the place of incident. It brought a crowd of downtown workers and others.

You wonder what happened to the poor kitten?

Luckily, firefighters rescued the kitten. They give a kitten to the Nebraska Humane Society.

It’s not clear how the kitten happened to get into the ventilation shaft.

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