A Single-Crash in Omaha Left a 21-Year-Old Man Injured

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Omaha, Nebraska – One-vehicle crash involving a young man happened early Sunday in Omaha.

The crash left an Omaha man injured. As far as the investigation found out, the crash occurred due to excessive speed and alcohol use.

The victim named Got J. Gatluak  of  21-years-old suffered serious injuries and was taken to the Nebraska Medical Center.

According to Omaha police spokesman, the victims’ injuries are considered non-life threatening.

Police spokesman said the man got her leg broken in the crash about 3.30 a.m., near 30th and Binney Streets.

Police officers said there was a strong odor of alcohol in the vehicle. The 21-year-old victim Gatluak confessed he was drinking before the collision.

The investigators of the crash also reported the man broke the posted speed limit. The vehicle he was driving was the 2003 Honda CR-V.

Gatluak was traveling south on 30th street left the roadway. He hit a remaining wall, then the power pole.

Due to the collision and following investigation, the traffic lanes were restricted for several hours. After cleaning the area, the lanes reopened for use at 10:30 a.m.

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