5 Unwritten Road Rules for Truckers

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If you’re a vet in the trucking industry, chances are you’re already familiar with all the unwritten road rules out there. However, for the newbie truckers, not so much. So, instead of learning these rules the hard way, we’ve compiled five unwritten road rules that we think you should know.  

Rule #1. Acknowledge Other Truckers

Common courtesy is a given, however that isn’t always the case. For truckers who spend more time on the roads than most, showing common courtesy is important. Additionally, CB radios are often used to recognize other drivers. A simple wave truly does go a long way.

Rule #2. Help Fellow Truckers

Furthermore, as a truck driver you come across some pretty busy roads, especially during rush hour. Traffic can be quite difficult for drivers to navigate through. Therefore, a lot of truckers driving in other lanes will either flash their lights or contact other drivers by CB radio to let them know that they’ve successfully passed a vehicle and are safe to go back into a lane. Also, alert other truckers to circumstances that might affect their route, such as weather delays or road closures. This way, everyone is kept safe on the road.

Rule #3. Turn Off Your Headlights

Of course, this rule only applies in certain situations. For example, if you’re at a rest area or fuel stop, turn off your headlights and put on your hazard lights instead. Because truck headlights are extremely bright, they can easily blind truckers and other drivers. Not to mention the headaches.

Rule #4. Don’t Hog the Fuel Space

Time is money and every minute counts, especially in trucking, which is why this is one of the most important unwritten rules of the road. If you need to refuel, do just that, and then get out of the way. If you need a drink, snack, or bathroom break, simply leave the pump and park in a designated spot. You might think you’re moving quickly, but for other truckers waiting it can seem like forever. Moreover, consider using a fuel card program to save money, and even more time.

Rule #5. Follow Parking Lot Protocol

Last, but not least, you should always follow parking lot etiquette. This means adhering to the speed limit, watching your headlights at night, and respecting truckers who might be sleeping, just to name a few.  

Got any other unwritten road rules to share too? Comment below.

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