231 People Arrested in the Midwest Anti-Gang Operation are Dubbed ‘K.O.’

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231 people were arresting in a multi-agency law enforcement operation in the Midwest, according to the U.S. Marshals Service. The Operation “K.O.” is focusing on reducing and dismantling gang activity in the local metro region, Marshals said. Led by the U.S. Marshals Service Metro Fugitive Task Force (MFTF) is the operation. The local Police Department and another neighboring police department involved have resulted in the arrest of 144 gang members, according to the release.

231 People: Four-Month Operation

From May to August, the four-month operation took place. It focused on “arrest warrants that involved gang members, gang suppression, and gang intervention/prevention,” authorities have stated.

“Of the subjects that were arresting, during Operation K.O., 36 were arrested for assault. Also 68 for weapon charges. There were two for sexual assault. Then five for failure to register. Plus six for burglary and 53 for drug charges. In addition, to 15 for robbery. Moreover, three for vehicle theft. In addition, to 32 for other charges,” the Marshals Service said.

Cash Seized

According to the release, along with the arrests, there were 86 firearms, $821,774 worth of illegal drugs, and $48,902 in cash was seizing.

In addition, the Marshals Service did emphasizing three missing children were also found. Plus two stolen vehicles. In addition, the operation did lead to many significant arrests, including Maurice Coleman, plus an alleged Flat Land Blood gang member who is now charging with assault, robbery, resisting arrest, and weapon violations, authorities have said. Plus, a missing child was then taking into custody during his arrest, the release noted.

‘Named in remembrance of fallen officers’

The Operation K.O. was, in fact, ‘named in remembrance of fallen officers’ Deputy U.S. Marshal Paul Keyes. Also OPD Detective Kerrie Orozco, the release said. In fact, Keyes, who was a team leader with MFTF, had lost his battle with cancer in February 2018. This is when he was 41 years old. In fact, Orozco, an MFTF task force officer, was fatally shot in September 2014. This occurred while serving a warrant on a suspect wanted for a shooting. Moreover, she was 29 years old. This operation is dedicating to Deputy US Marshal Paul Keyes and Officer Kerrie Orozco. It is for their tireless efforts on apprehending violent fugitives including serving their community,” said Scott Kracl, US Marshal for the District of Nebraska, in a statement.

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